It is the policy of Begrant Nig. Ltd to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of its operation and to continually satisfy the expectations of our clients in respect of all the services offered.

Begrant Nig. Ltd aims to ensure that the needs of our clients are clearly understood and met through close liason at all stages of the work. All work is conducted to a high professional standard with technical and commercial integrity.

BEGRANT Nig. Ltd expertise involves:

  • Fabrication and Welding
  • Electrical/ Instrumentation
  • Civil Works
  • Corrosion Control
  • Manpower /Labour supply
  • Dredging activities of different kinds
  • Procurement
  • Supplies of Petroleum Products
  • Boat/Barges Rental
  • House boat hire
  • Sand Blasting works
  • Hire of Oil and Gas equipment
  • Weld and lay of pipe line
  • Repair of pipe line such sectional replace and leak repair
  • Construction of Tanks
  • and others oil field and allied services.

  • It is the policy of BEGRANT (NIG) LTD. that its service meet all specified and implied standard of performance, reliability and quality.


    Quality adopted throughout all business areas to give our clients best value in performance, effectiveness and efficiency. To meet our quality objectives, we will ensure: Our processes and procedures maximize efficiencies, minimize costs and reduce lost time/wastage.

    Quality, delivery, cost and other efficiency measures are promoted, monitored and controlled to improve clients satisfaction and company performance.

    The most suitable materials, resources and suppliers are used in the provision of products and services.

    Good communications are maintained with clients and suppliers to ensure our client’s requirements are properly understood and conveyed.

    That we Exceed Customer Expectations, To place our quality development and reliability programmes at the disposal of our clients in order to reduce constructive criticism that may enhance our quality improvement as regards to our services.

  • To eliminate waste, cut down inventories and improve client’s satisfaction.
  • To carry out services the right way.
  • To work for continual improvement.
  • To encourage zero defects in services at reduced costs.

    We therefore pledge our commitment to the implementation of the quality policy/plans.


    Our vision to quality service delivery and making sure all our leadership mental of being the best contractor in all areas makes us stands out.


             Km 7 Refinery Road by Fly Over Ekpan, Effurun/Warri,
      Delta State. Nigeria